Founded in 1958, the company Turani S.r.l. Wood Packaging Solutions, has immediately distinguished itself in the production of custom made production of:

Since the beginning led by turani family, the company has made of quality, flexibility and full satisfaction of customers and collaborators his own aims.

During the years it has conquered new markets, thanks to his seriousness and professionality. A regular and continuous increase , made by the innovated employement of technologies and products, joined to the engagement and preparation of all the staff.

In the 1987 a division specialized in the solution of the most variuos customers’ requirements was developed inside the company, aimed for the disposition of the inner side of the box with every kind of product through the use of preformed wood, supports of expanded resins or polyestere, cut in several designes in various materials or with classics moulded material moreover, it is possible to presonalize the cases with logos, business images printed with various technqiues ( press with warm gold or other colours, laser recordings) completing the service of custom-made supplied to the customer. it is good to remember that:

apice aperto It is the packing that often determines the final decision. it has not to be strange that the packacking has often been indicated like the king of the marketing instruments. moroever, the packing is the silent vendor, the first lines of comunication between product and customer apice chiuso
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